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What should you expect from Joe Hudson’s Collision Center?

Repair Explanation

You should expect our auto collision center to explain to you what repairs we will perform to your vehicle when you leave it with us to be repaired.

Repair Update

You should expect our auto collision center to provide you with frequent updates on the status of repairs being performed on your vehicle. We will call you with an update, not less than once every three days. We will also ask you for your email address and cell number so our proprietary vehicle repair tracking system can update you via email and/or text messaging. This system will update you and anyone else you designate as 1) the bodywork is completed; 2) all paint work is completed; 3) all reassembly is completed; and 4) when your vehicle has been detailed.

Repair Time

You should expect us to complete your repairs in a reasonable amount of time taking into consideration the extent and nature of the damages to your vehicle. Please keep in mind that a Promised Date, Guaranteed Delivery Date, or On-time Delivery Date ARE NOT fixed dates. Any promised date, guaranteed delivery date or on-time delivery date you will be given is something of an educated guess. You should expect us to give you the new promised date, guaranteed delivery date, or on-time delivery date as the repairs progress on your vehicle.

Repair Quality

You should expect commercially acceptable, high-quality collision repairs.


You should expect our auto collision center to call you when your vehicle has undergone—and passed—a thorough quality control check and is deemed ready for you to pick up. You should also expect us to go over the payment process.


You should expect us to go over the completed repairs and answer and address any cares or concerns you may have. You should expect to receive a final invoice reflecting all work completed to your vehicle. In addition, you should expect to be given a Written Lifetime Warranty.


You should expect a phone call from our auto collision center within a couple of days after delivery to be sure you are satisfied with our repairs and address any questions you may have.

During the course of repairs, if we are not meeting your expectations, please call Traweek Dickson at 334-386-9076 or CLICK HERE and complete the requested information. We will contact you immediately to resolve any problem.

We have 23 locations to serve you and growing. For information on our new locations, call 334-386-9076.

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